About the Artist

Thomas Polidori, Artist

Thomas has been a life-long Pacific Coast resident, from California to the Pacific Northwest. Living close to the ocean has created a fondness for landscapes, vistas, piers and boardwalks along the coast as well as the life that was and is associated with living near the water. Thomas makes his home in Olympia Washington.

Thomas' experience stems from working in the motion picture studios - Paramount Pictures. He was a set painter and decorator. Realism was essential to depict scenes that were used in many well-known television shows and full feature movies. Special effects became his specialty, which he was recognized through national awards.

As Thomas progressed, he developed his own business. The next 25 years would take him many places and afford him many opportunities in creating special effects that include custom faux finishes, relief artistic painting and murals on walls and ceilings as well as trompe l'oeil illusions.

"By having a passion for wall and ceiling mural work and painting for private collections, this has lead me to more public exposure. To continue this passion, I will always paint from my heart and mind," Thomas explains.

Currently Thomas is immersed in his passion. With a camera by his side he is always looking for his next painting. Most of Thomas' oil paintings are derived from photographs he has taken himself. We hope you will appreciate the realism and feel the true spirit of the moment in each painting.